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Feedback From 501st Garrisons and Troopers Around The World!

Thank to all of our trooping enthusiasts for supporting our efforts in providing the highest quality TK Boots available.

I purchased a pair of 'Imperial Junk' boots and wow, I was so disappointed. Your TK Boots just killed em', hands down! Thanks for the high quality boots. Harold C.

Boots arrived yesterday. They're perfect. Thanks much! Phillip G.

Got the boots today! I'm so pleased! They fit perfectly! I thought " I'm going to need a long shoehorn". And BOOM there's one in there! Thank you! Eric

My boots arrived today and I couldn't be happier with them, and I can't believe how fast They got here less then a week!! They fit perfect and I'm happy I didn't go a size up. Thanks for all your help with ordering and answering all my questions! I'll be back for sure!
Thank you!!!! Brandon N.

They arrived yesterday! They look and fit great! Thomas W.

Nice boots damn!!'  Thanks brother, I really appreciate these fantastic boots!  Great authenticity!! Best, Chris

Hello, I received my TK Boots on March 16 after a visit at the customs. Today I've got some time and I felt the need to tell you that your boots are totally awesome. Really nice quality and good looking.  They also fit pretty well.The patch and the shoe horns were really nice, too and really unexpected.Thank you so much! Have a great time. :-) Kind regards from Germany, Felix Werger

This is my second pair of TK Boots. One is a sandy, the second a Death Star clean pair. I really love them and I'm so grateful that someone actually took the time to produce a true boot and not the plastic costume version I purchased on ebay. Love my TK Boots! John F.

Thank you for the incredible boots. I purchased a pair from the people that knocked-off your boots and they were simply terrible. They actually ended up costing me more money and they wouldn't accept returns. I'm so pleased my garrison recommended you. Darryl D.

The boots arrived today. They are perfect. thanks so much! Scott P.

Hey just got my boots and I love them. T
hank you very much! One satisfied customer. Ric A.

Thanks again for the awesome boots! They arrived a day ahead of schedule and in PERFECT condition, couldn't be more happy with your business and your product! Also thanks for the shoe horns and the sticker and patch included, as well as the two cloth bags which I assume are to put the boots in for protection while not in use, I can't even express at how convenient it is that you guys included those in the box. Thank you so much for your outstanding customer support, and such an awesome boot! Ryan M.

Good morning/ afternoon, I just wanted to let you know that the boots arrived yesterday. They fit me well and look awesome. Thanks Matt

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the TK Boots arrived yesterday. They're fantastic - and so comfy I considered wearing them to office casual day this morning! :)Thanks again for the great service! Rudi

Hello Friends, The TK Boots just arrived. They fit perfectly and are amazing pieces of art! I actually feel guilty having to take them to a cobbler to put a flat sole on them for my First Order Flametrooper. But I knew I was going to have to do that from the beginning. Thank you so much for your great customer service, maintaining open communication, and providing such a quality product. When I get them back from the cobbler with the new soles, I'll send you a photo. I'm sure after this modification is done, the boots will still be superb. Thanks again! John C.M.

Well, the way I see it is that you guys making these things work your butts off, and I know you aren't getting rich doing it.  It's a true labor of love.  

I figure the least I can do is offer feedback and information about the products I purchase, especially when the feedback is positive.  As an aside, I've been a Civil War reenactor for 20 years, and it's very similar.  And, again, it's a labor of love where too often the only feedback you get is negative.  I've found that a lot of people are quick to bitch and moan when something isn't perfect, but slower to say anything when everything goes right. To that end, count me as a satisfied customer saying thanks for everything going right.  I also posted about the positive experience over on the FISD website.  A.J

Hi Guys, I was actually able to get the boots today from customs, cost me 21E but no big deal. I am so happy with them! They fit like they were molded for me feet!! You guys ROCK! I am going to post tonight in FISD forums about it if you don't mind??  I will be coming back for any other pair at some point I am sure. Very happy with what I see so far and have no complaints at all. Nothing but praise. Thanks so much. Kevin from Germany.

I'm writing just to let you know that I have received the boots and they are awesome! Fitting is just nice for a 10-D.  Mohd.

The boots came in today and they are a PERFECT fit!  Thank you so much!  If you have a place where I can leave a public review (Google, Yelp, etc) I'd be happy to leave ravingly positive feedback. Thanks again!!! Lucy

Just writing to say I got my boots today and they look amazing, and most important, they fit well. Thank you so much. Daniel B.

Arrived today. They're awesome! Thank you! Curtis W.

Hello, I have received the boots ,they look good and fit me well, thank you! Razvan M. 

My boots arrived today and they're fantastic!  A perfect addition to my armor. Thanks for all the little additional items too. Money well spent.  Thanks so much. :) Take care, and Happy Holidays Chris W. 

I got my TK Boots last night and I am extremely happy.  These boots fit me like they were custom made for me.  Very nice and very comfortable. Thank you very much! Shane


New boots have arrived. Thank you so much. You have been great. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. As well as recommending you to anyone in the market for such things. TJ


In today's world of online flaming and shaming for the slightest issue with any type of ordering, I wanted to make sure I took a moment to send you my thanks for an excellent purchase experience! I received my TK boots today and am extremely pleased with not only the actual product, but all the extra contents of the box including individual cloth bags for each boot.  The exterior your packaging, with no sharp object warning labels, as well as secondary internal box and all the components of it we are far better done than most commercial shipping solutions. As someone new to the whole TK world, it can seem chaotic and mysterious to find suppliers for various niche items, but your online presence combined with timely communications made this the easiest purchase I've made so far. Thanks again and MTFBWY.  Brian D


Hi Tk, My boots arrived today , Fantastic quality and they fit Perfectly ! So thxs for assistance in choosing size . Super happy and Impressed with accessories so big thxs guys , I'll spread the TK name.

Awesome regards Nev   TK1100 

Hey, I just wanted to say that your I've received your boots and THANK YOU, they're top notch, very high quality and very true to size and comfortable. Thanks, Cesar

Item well received. Love the boots so much. I will share my view with 501st Singapore members. Keep up the great job. May the force be with you.. oh I mean long live Galactic Empire. Best regards  Muhammad F.

Wanted to let you know I got them and they are great... Thanks..!  Mike K.

Hey.  Just got the boots in today.  Really appreciate you getting them here quickly.  They look fantastic.  Thanks again!  James.

Hi!!! Got my boots today! I lOVE THEM!!!!! Thank you! The size you recommended was PERFECT. Great quality, you made this trooper VERY happy today. Hugs! Maritza T. Alpine Garrison CO, but today a happy TK 5096

I got the boots, they are perfect. The bonus of having little bags to keep them in just guaranteed you a customer for life. Thanks. Gary.

Hello :) Just letting you know that I  just got my boots and they are amazing and fit well. Thank you again for your wonderful product. Kind regards, Jesse

Received the TK Boots! I love them! Thank you so much! 1000x better than my Bass Amsterdam! Cant wait for my next troop! Jay V.

Just received the TK boots. They are very nice quality! And again, thank you for the boots! Tyler M.

Hi there! I just wanted to touch base to let you know that I have received my boots and they look fantastic! They also fit very well! This is my second pair of TK boots and I am very happy. The first set is still in service and going strong. This pair is for a second costume. Thank you so much! Jamie

Hello TK Boots, Just wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly impressed with the packaging, quality, and care you put into making and shipping my pair of boots. Thank you very much,
 I'm excited to put these to good use!  Caleb E.

 Just got the boots. I am beyond impressed. Thanks so much! Gavin R.

Howdy! Got the boots, my wife loves them, she says they fit great! They came on her birthday so that was an added bonus. Doug A.

Hello! Received my boots on Tuesday and just wanted to say they are beautiful! So nice! And thanks for the super fast shipping. I will be sure to recommend any future troopers your way. Lance N.

Just received.  They look great.  Thanks!  Size 11D was perfect and may allow me to insert some comfort soles too! Ronald T.

Hello again, I just wanted to say... Thank You! I just received my boots today and they are perfect in every way.  Tomorrow... I will post on Facebook what a wonderful company you have with quick delivery and how great the craftsmanship is. I will recommend you to everyone!!! James R.

Just wanted to let you know we got our boots and they're great! Love the quality and fit and I really appreciate the bags and such to keep them in good shape. Thanks for your work! Now to get the rest of the ensemble finished. :) Kristen

Got the boots today. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. Boxed perfect and they look and fit great. Thanks! Mike T

My boots have arrived safely! They look and fit great---Thanks very much !Cheers,Randy TK 6017

My boots have been delivered! They fit perfectly!!! I will definitely be telling my other costuming tk friends about y'all! Thank you again! Dani M.

Hi.  I just wanted to say thanks for the high quality product.  I Trooped with my TK boots last weekend and they performed outstanding. Darren

Got the boots today! Beyond awesome. Thank you for getting them out to me. Now I have got to get the rest of the armor together! Thanks again, Greg Charest

Outstanding Seller! 

I  just got my boots today and they fit wonderfully. Love the boots. Keep up the great work. Thank you, Patrick H.

Great stuff. Thanks!  gopher141

T.Y. guys so much for the boots! super fast shipping too! they fit perfect! Mike K

I got my boots last week and wanted to thank you, they truly are a work of art! Thanks for doing what you do! Shea

Hello, I want to thank you again for the boots.  They fit perfect and look absolutely awesome. Excellent!  Cheers!  D Scott aka Ragnar Lođbrók

 High quality boots! Perfect fit! Fast shipping! I love all the extras! Thank you.  thirdiopen12755sbp
Boots have arrived. They are superb. Thank you, Rich.

A+   glen_not_glenn

Exemplary service every step of the way, stunning set of boots to boot!  hun73rson

Truly the best! Amazing quality and service. Thank you so much!!!  woollyoaf..

Best boots ever! auntienina

Great to work thank you so much.  hermann5

I wanted to thank you for shipping out the boots so quickly and packaging them so well.

They are fantastic!!! Your product has to be the best out there for this type of boot. I geeked out (well, that may be an exaggeration, but I did have a huge, stupid grin on my face) when I opened up the box and laid eyes on them for the first time.
Thank you so much for fabricating/manufacturing, and providing this product for those of us who want to have movie accurate apparel. I'll definitely make sure to pass the word along about your boots to anyone I know who wants the best Stormtrooper boots out there!
Sincerely, Ray Silva
Boots have arrived. They are superb. Thank you, Rich.

Received in excellent condition and in record time! The patch and sticker was a welcome surprise and a nice touch. Thank you for your exemplary customer service in guiding me to order the next full-size up. I'm 9.5 anywhere else and your 10 is right on the money. Wouldn't want them any smaller. Now I wait by the door for my armor kit to arrive! I will send you all the business I can!  Wishing you continued success, Hunter

Good afternoon, Just wanted to say a quick Thank you!  The boots arrived as promised, look great, fit well.  Very pleased customer!  Thank you for your support of the 501st and Star Wars fans! Thanks, Robert

I forgot to email you earlier but wanted to tell you that the boots arrived so quickly and you're right, my women's size 8 fits quite snug in the size 7 men's boot but should work out fine! Just wanted to say, thanks for the great customer service and help with the boots! I shall recommend you to anyone else who wants to be a stormtrooper like me! Thank you again, Caroline

Never have I seen stormtrooper boots of this caliber, I'm so happy with them. I've worn them all weekend with my regular attire and people really love them. Rod

Smashing, absolutely smashing! I'm exceptionally pleased with the quality of both material and construction of these amazing boots. Nigel

Excellent deal, fast shipping thank you! tcri612 

I just received the boots.  Thanks.  Fit good.  Description was spot on.  Thanks! Andrew B.

Truly,   I couldn't be happier with new TK Boots! They have totally surpassed all of my expectations and the service was just the best. Thank you! Darren

Thank you!  Boots received and they are beautiful.  Looking forward to doing more business with your company. Best regards, Manny P.

Absolutely stunning! I've seen every boot produced and these simply win first prize. I love my new boots, thanks for the most terrific product! Noel

The Very Best! Smeekr65

Fantasic pair of boots, great seller A+ khwj888

Hey.  Just received my boots.  Perfect fit. Thank you so much.  Everything I've heard about you guys is true. You are a fantastic company with an awesome product.  Thank you again.  Peter

My boots arrived today, I'm sooooo happy! Thanks for such a beautifully made product. Raul

I could not be happier! These are the best stormtrooper boots I've ever seen. My garrison mates are jealous! Phil

These boots are really incredible. Beautiful leather, super comfortable! A+++++ C.R.

Boots arrived really quickly and when I opened the box and tried them on, I knew I'd purchased the best! Thanks for the beautiful boots. Oscar

Another happy trooper here! I've had problems with other boots, but my new TK Boots surpass every expectation. James

Whoa! My boots arrived and I'm so extremely pleased! The quality blows away my previous boots. I'm so happy. Henri

Sorry, it took me a bit longer to e-mail, I've been enjoying the heck out of my TK Boots. They look with levis! LOL! I love these boots. Top quality, surpasses every boot I've seen. Mike

Yes, I'm a happy trooper! I know there are a lot of low quality knock-offs out there, but you guys really are the original and the best. Jan

They cleared customs quickly and I'm so pleased I went with TK Boots. I wore them quite a bit this week and they really didn't need breaking in. The leather is top quality, stitching is beautiful. Thank you! BW

I have to concur with everyone else, these really are the best boots available. Thanks for the wonderful trooper boots. Dave

My boots arrived and I can see why everyone in the 501st loves these! Beautiful and super comfortable. Aaron

These new boots are the best I've ever seen. I can see why most members of the 501st are recommending these incredible boots. Thank you! Rocko

Absolutely, 100%, best out there! Great work you guys and the price is so extremely low for this quality. I love my new boots. Pat

I've owned the cheap knock-off boots from Taiwan and the smelly boots from Mexico and your TK Boots simply knock everything else right out of the park! Wham! TK Boots are the way to go! JR

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I just received the boots I ordered and I am very pleased with the product and the customer service I received. These boots are exceptional in quality and comfort. I will definitely get another pair in the future when I build a sandy. Thank you. Sean M.

Another happy customer. Your TK Boots are smashing! Absolutely smashing! Surpasses all of my expectations and no other boots I've seen can compare. Wonderful! Jeri

These new boots are far better than anything I expected. I can tell you took this production very seriously with no concern or regards in cutting corners to in order to increase profits. The quality of the boots equals any custom boots costing $500.00. Brilliant work, brilliant product! Tish

Take everything you know about stormtrooper boots and every other so-called boot maker and toss them into a trash can. These new TK Boots are absolutely amazing. Beautiful leather, heavy duty stitching,
beautiful construction and they're ultra comfortable. I love these! Thank you for the hard work and terrific price! Zach

Boots arrived in Europe quickly  and they are simply fantastic! These are the best stormtrooper boots I've ever seen. Thank you all! Bill

I've seen the boots from the guys that knocked off  a pair of your earlier boots and they're nothing like the quality of your new TK Boots. I love my new boots. B.J.

There are so many guys in our garrison using your boots and I can totally see why. Mine arrived today and they're simply off the hook amazing. Thank you truly.  Carlos

This is my second pair of TK Boots. The first I dirtied up for a sandy and this latest pair is staying clean. I love my TK Boots and I've owned about everything else available. Stick to TK Boots! Alfy

I like them! They actually go good with  jeans too. Ben A.

Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items. smallfamiliar2708 

I just got my boots and I wanted to say that they're perfect! You guys do great work and the shipping time was ridiculously fast! Thanks again! Andy F.

I just received by TK Boots, they not only look great, but they fit and feel great! Thank you for such a fast turn around time of shipping. I will highly recommend you to all my future trooping friends! Mark A.

Dear Customer Service, The Boots are beautiful! Best Regards, Greg Viggiano, The Museum of Science Fiction

I bought a pair of cheap plastic ebay boots, they were absolutely terrible. Your TK Boots surpass them in all regards, in truth, there is no comparison whatsoever. Your boots are real boots! Love em'! Dan

I tried to save money, what a mistake!  I immediately came back to TK Boots and now, well, I'm a happy trooper. There are simply none better! Thanks for taking care of the 501st. Willy

Super, excellent. A+A+A+, buy here with no worries, better than described. Thanks!  Kentia 24

Absolutely AWESOME. Great seller. smeeker65

Boots arrived in just two days, I'm shocked by the level of quality and workmanship. These are the real deal. Dee

TK Boots, I received my boots today, thank you for the this fantastic,  high quality product! Also thanks for the patch and sticker! Size 11's fit perfect for me. Thank you again, T.J.

Hi! Just to let you know, the boots arrive here today. They look really nice, and they fit very well. Can't wait to wear it with the full armor! Thank you for the amazing product. Lucas

My TK Boots were delivered today. You know, I'm really impressed. These are 'real boots', not cheap re-pops like everyone else is pushing. I love them. Fred

Boots arrived, I'm stunned by their level of workmanship and quality. Leather is super strong, stitching is beautiful, soles are thick and the heel is perfect! Thank you so much. Chad

I just got my boot in! WOW I love love them! Thank you so much. They're great! Gabriel

Just received the boots! They look and fit great! Thanks again. Charlie

Thanks for your quick reply bro. I'm very happy for my boots here from you. They are the best replica trooper boots out there and have been for a long time and still is. I get back to you if I need more boots and I will say to boots buyers yours are still the way to go. I also post your web info on mepd.net yesterday. Best regards from here Rolf 

You've got another happy customer! My garrison mates were shocked by the quality. These boots really are the best. Jonathan

100% love my new boots! Comfortable, super well made, thick leather, I couldn't ask for better boots and the service was so personal. Thank you.  Mike

Best of the best of the best! I'm so thrilled with my new boots and I can't thank you enough. Adam

TK Boots has really outdone themselves. They're comfortable, super well made, high quality leather, I'm very pleased. Overseas shipping was fast. Warner

My boots arrived two weeks ago and I've worn them on two troops. Whoa! They're so comfortable and the constructions was everything you promised. Thanks TK Boots. Archie

Just in time for convention season, my new TK Boots are absolutely beautiful. I'm so pleased with them and I'm grateful to have been referred to you from our group. A+++ My advice to everyone, get these boots! Gunard

100% satisfied! These boots are the best. I've seen so many fans struggle with low quality boots but these really set the standard for quality. It's no wonder as to why so many garrisons are grabbing these! Keep up the great work. Kerri

I've been through 3 pairs of boots in four years, I've had terrible luck until I purchased your TK Boots. These surpass everything I've ever owned. Thanks!  Kumar

I concur with the rest of these troopers, the boots way exceeded my expectations! Thanks for the best boots in the galaxy. Chase

Boots arrived today, I absolutely love them! The quality totally surpasses the boots  I bought from a so-called 501st approved provider overseas. Your boots are real boots, heavy duty, fit perfect, love em'! Alfy

Your boots are beyond words, I'm so happy! Now, I'm ordering you to start making Stealthtrooper boots and the New Order boots! LOL! Rich

Boots are absolutely beautiful and your service was so personal. I love the fact that you ask people to have their feet measured and then read the famous pdf with additional information. You guys are over-the-top, don't ever stop. The 501st needs a true quality boot supplier. A++ Efrain

Such terrific service, professional, polite and the product really speaks for itself. Most would charge double for boots of this quality. Thanks! Sandy

My previous boots cost me approx. $150.00 and they looked like my dog sewed them. They also smelled terrible. Your TK Boots are flawless! The leather is beautiful, the stitching perfect, they scream quality. Thank you
for such an awesome pair of boots and for half the price too! Drew

Yep, they're amazing. I'm so grateful I went with you guys. I researched the other boots and they had thin soles, thin leather, they were pretty much trash. Your TK Boots are incredible and they're comfortable too! Thanks for the terrific boots. Erik

My old boots are junk when compared to your TK Boots. Man, they're comfortable, well built and I love the extras. Thank you truly. Dee

Whoa! These are amazing, over the top quality, fit and finish. You said these were true boots and you weren't wrong. They're extremely heavy duty. I love them. J.J.

Awesome! Great seller A++ Love my boots! obipackenobi

My TK Boots arrived late last week, but was only able to pick up from parcel collection place today due to Easter break. They arrived safely and are a perfect fit, thank you. One very happy TK to be here down under.
Cheers, Steve

I love how other makers are copying everything you do! They're even including patches now. LOL! Don't worry, your TK Boots are still the best we've ever seen. My pair has been worn quite a few times and they continually become more and more comfortable.

This is my third pair of boots from three different providers. Hands down, no questions, TK Boots are the absolute best. These boots are heavy duty, feel amazing when worn and the construction is first class. Ralph

They arrived quickly and I love them! I've been wearing them all weekend and they look fantastic. Thank you. Will

You said they were the world's finest, I agree!  Martin

Boxed beautifully, arrived in a few days, patch and decals was a great touch and these boots are just incredible. They're super heavy duty. I'm mounting velcro on mine to help secure my calf armor. Thank you!  JK

Boots arrived and I'm just stunned! So much better than anything else I've seen. They're totally legit! Love em'! Thanks for the hard work and great boots. Lee

feeback: High quality,hand crafted work.I will use you again.Fast shipping.Thank you!!! Scustybooty

feeback:  Happy with my purchase super fast Shipping, Thank you! Doyoulikecheese

feeback:  Great product. Great seller. Super fast shipping. Highly recommended! Smp71

feeback:  Perfect! Highlern

feeback: Very good item, fantastic seller, just brilliant. Tom4655

feeback:  Great Quality, would buy from again. Scottybids

feeback:  Excellent seller! Very fast shipping! Thank your very much!! A++++.  Thehyoga01

feeback:  ♫♪♫♪ Great Seller! Perfect eBay Transaction! BEST BOOTS EVER! Thank you! ♪♫♪♫ Bursbuckerblack

feeback:  Perfect condition, super fast shipping, great communication! Superb. myrakkel

feeback:  These are perfect!!! Can't wait to be a stormtrooper! Jennifer1458

feeback:  Very nice eBayer with fast transaction and nice items. Smallfamiliar2704

feeback:  Great communication, fast international service, AWESOME product. Thanks! drv1412

feeback:  Awesome!!! Super quick delivery, outstanding boots! Thanks very much! Damien489

feeback: : Perfect. Thanks! Great product!!!! a1gnome

After seeing my new boots, a number of guys in our garrison are going to upgrade to TK! Thanks for incredible boots! CK

My boots arrived lightning fast and they're beyond anything I had imagined. I absolutely love them. Thank you! Michael

TK Boots has totally outdone themselves! These boots are like something you'd wear in a real military application. They look beautiful, wear like iron and I'm 100% overjoyed. Thank you! Jan

You guys are so obsessive about quality, it's kinda scary. I read everything you sent me, had my feet measured and the boots arrived and are simply gorgeous. They fit perfectly and I couldn't be happier. Now you just need an up to date web site! LOL! Thank you for a stunning addition to my armor. Quach T.

I know you've all been working really hard on producing the absolutely highest quality boot and let me just say, you did! These things are amazing! Thanks for your efforts, it paid off in a huge way.  Andrew

I'm back again for my second pair. I love my new boots so much, I purchased a second pair to use with my sandy armor. Great work guys! Marcus

Another beyond satisfied customer! These boots are simply incredible. They're 'just ok', they're awesome! Absolutely, 100%, completely amazing! I'm so happy to purchased these from you. Thank you for being the very first boot maker to actually provide something of this quality and caliber. Oscar

Alright, I own three pairs of boots. One from, let's call them IB, one from, let's call them CB, and my new TK Boots. The CB boots smell, the seams are sloppy as hell and they're simply hideous. The IB boots are thin leather, extremely thin soles and just feel poorly made. These  TK Boots simply kill it! Wow! Out of the box they feel heavier, smell like true leather, the lining is incredibly comfortable and soles and construction are like Dr. Martens. I'm so happy and I'll be singing  your praise for many years to come. Larry

Got my boots today and they are amazing! Clean no scratches and fit great and God they smell awesome! Thanks also for the patch and stickers. I wear a 9.5 wide and the 10s are great. Actually just big enough where I can wear thicker socks and still be good to go. Sean M.G. . 

Just received the boots today. After doing a test fit and driving to the store (and receiving quite a few compliments), I must say they are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for an amazing pair of boots! Steven

Wow your fast. I got the boots today. They are awesome. Love the bags for storage, decals, patch and shoehorn also. Very top notch , first class, top drawer, service. Glad I waited on back order list. Will G. TK-90277

In one word about your boots-WOW!!! They are absolutely perfect and fit GREAT! In my opinion they are a bargain at the price you are letting these go for.
I am 110% satisfied and will tell others do not buy your boots off eBay, go to TK Boots! All the best! Shane Hardaway

The boots arrived in excellent condition. After reading the instruction, I made sure the boots fit and were comfortable to walk around in. You gentlemen have truly outdone yourselves. I am beyond thrilled with the way they came out! You just earned another lifetime customer. Thank you again gents! Jim B.

I have to say, very satisfied! These boots are the most impressive piece of my armor kit so far! Very comfortable too! Your shipping was terrific! Thanks so much!!! Harold S.

Hey There! I received my boots earlier today. They're FANTASTIC, and they fit quite nicely!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Tom W.

Your TK Boots totally kill it! They're fantastic! I wore mine all weekend, you know, going shopping and to the movies and they're so comfortable. A people complimented me on them! LOL! Seriously, they're totally GQ!
Thanks my new boots. Adolfo

My new TK boots arrived and I'm one happy trooper. These boots fit so nicely and the color and stitching, leather quality and construction are top notch. Thanks! Paul G.

These were so worth the wait, I love them! I know you guys put a huge amount of work into designing and constructing these boots and it really shows. These are fantastic, thank you. Brad V.

Well, I'm not sure what to say except thank you, thank you, thank you! I've had caboots for about a year and they're super uncomfortable. Now they're changing color, becoming almost yellow. Your boots put everything else to shame. I love my TK Boots. Dawn D.

I bought a pair of some low quality boots that were called 421's and honestly, I'm not happy with them. Your beautiful TK boots arrived and wow! They're so much more comfortable and the construction quality is over the top amazing. Thank you for the beautiful boots. Christian

Heya, just wanted to let you know that after wearing these boots for a couple of weeks they are extremely impressive. I have not seen anything quite up to their quality by other troopers, so serious kudos to this batch. Outside of trooping with the 501st, I'm a big shoe guy with a massive collection of J&M and other great shoes, so this says a lot. I may need to get a 2nd pair for less formal events so I can keep one in prime spec for top tier displays. Anyways, thanks so much. Derrick M.

Best boots, no question about it! The patch, decal and shoe horn were so nice and really brought this product to an extremely professional level. I'm so grateful for these. The construction was extremely heavy duty, I love the thick soles. Thank you. Kathy

I dirtied up my first pair of TK Boots for my sandy, so this is my second pair to keep clean for my high gloss ABS suit. I love my boots! Juan

Just stunning! Fit was terrific and they were super comfortable. I love them! Thank you. Nathan

My new boots came today and they are perfect! I could not be happier. They fit great, not too narrow at all. Thank you SO much! Mike R.

Got them and they fit great! Many Thanks! Brian C.

Hi there, just wanted to let you know the boots arrived today. They are so awesome, I had to wear them all Day ;) I'm so glad you helped me out with the size and I switched to a size 7, they fit perfectly. Thank you so much for making another trooper happy. Kind regards from Germany. Kai

I received the boots today and they fit perfectly, I could not be happier! Thank you so much for your customer service. Mike B. Garrison Carida

Absolutely incredible! The boots arrived today and are the best I've ever seen. Thank you! Todd

Boots just arrived today! Much faster than I expected! And they look and fit amazing! Can't wait to break them in! Love the decal and patch too; pleasant surprise! Just wanted to thank you guys for the prompt and excellent service and it was a pleasure doing business! Will absolutely recommend. Sincerely, Justin R.

The boots arrived and I'm simply overjoyed! They're dead-on perfect and the quality is far superior to my older boots which were from Mexico. Bleh! Your boots are the best and I can see why the 501st are raving about them. Rob

Good Morning, I received the boots yesterday. They're perfect!!!! The men's size 8 are a bit loose when I tried them on with thick socks, but this is exactly what I was hoping for because I will be adding lifts to them. I needed the extra space for the insoles/heels to fit. So excited to have these! Thank you for such great quality and fast shipping. Cheers, Christine

I thought I had written you when I got my boots, but I must have gotten busy so I do apologize for the delayed response, but I got my boots last Thurs, 1/8 and they fit like they were custom made around my feet!!!! I love them. Thanks for suggesting the bigger size and I will def recommend you to others!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Eric C.

Woohoo! These boots are so beautiful! Super heavy duty, beautiful stitching, gorgeous leather, I honestly couldn't be happier. Thank you! Jonathan

I waited a while but these boots were so worth it! I'm giving my low quality boots from Taiwan to Good Will. My TK Boots are the bomb! Michael

This is my second pair of TK Boots. One pair I aged for sandtrooper armor, the second, I'm keeping shiny and pretty for my glossy TK kit. Love these boots! Thomas

Whoa! They're amazing! Simply wonderful, can't thank you enough. Simon

Just received my boots and I'm so happy with them! I had boots from a different supplier and they were terrible quality, poor construction and I paid more for them. They're now in the trash. I absolutely love my new TK Boots! Thank you so much for the best boots in the 501st. DJ

Amazing quality. Perfect fitting prediction by you! Slightly bigger on her but perfect with thick socks. Snug on me but will be perfect once broken in. Couldn't be happier! Evan

I am completely ecstatic at the quality of the boots, you have went above and beyond. I will be happy to tell anyone and everybody, loud and proud. Again, thank you for providing me from start to finish with phenomenal service.
Rob M.

Once again, I'm overwhelmed by your quality and attention to detail. Thanks for making the best boots in the 501st! Paul D.

I had some 'know it all' in a forum tell me to purchase a pair of black boots and paint them. I did, the paint cracked, it fell off in places and they look terrible. I don't care what they did for the movie, the boots looked terrible in the original films too. Real life and making appearances in public requires your armor to be much more pristine.  Your boots are absolutely incredible and so much better quality than any others I've seen. Thanks for the great work and not compromising quality.  George

Awesome, thanks. And you were right about the standards. Your less than perfect looks better than what most people put up for retail. So thanks again! Matt K.

I just got my boots, they look and feel amazing. Thank you so much and I will be telling everyone about my awesome experience with you.  Joe

Just wanted to say thank you. My boots arrived today and straight out of the box they feel incredibly comfy and it was definitely worth the wait for them. Your customer service has also been fantastic!
Thank you again, I can't wait to troop in them. Peter H.

Boots came in today. I'm so happy with them, you guys clearly went out of your way to produce an extremely professional boot. The color was gorgeous!.  Thank you.  Scott

Best, hands down. No question about it! Terrific work and super high quality.

The size 12's fit awesome!. Thank you so much for the great product and superb customer service. Matt S.

The came in today and they were worth the wait! I've seen similar boots in Macy's sell for $500.00! I love these. Thank you!

Hello again, I  just received my boots and... They have surpassed my expectations, absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for absolutely every part of this experience. I wish you and yours all the best during the holidays and stellar work many times over. With the utmost appreciation and thanks! Aaron G.

Simply fantastic! I know you guys worked really  hard to make something so perfect and I'm so happy that I waited. A few guys in my garrison purchased the boots from a different seller and they were absolute trash. You boots are so much more refined and professional. Thanks!

Box arrived today and the packaging was over-the-top perfect. The decal and custom made patch was beautiful and the boots, well, I'm wearing them now while I answer e-mails! Thanks guys for your hard work and dedication.

My TK Boots arrived today! Whoa! Totally beyond anything I had hoped for. Thank you for such a marvelous product.

They arrived today and I'm so pleased. Thank you for the highest quality boots I've ever seen! Frank

Whoa, these boots are incredible. The leather is really top quality, the soles are really strong and thick, I'm so happy. It's no wonder why every one of my trooping buddies is using your boots. Thank you!

The boots arrived last night. They are amazing! Keep up the great work. I will be sure to refer anyone looking for boots your way. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Brock

I just got the boots in and tried them on. They are definitely the best size for my feet. A bit long (which is what I expected since I wear a 5.5 in men's), and that's much easier to solve than too tight across. These are exactly what I wanted! Thank you for your excellent work and customer service. Christine

You guys have been answering all of my e-mails for the past five months and have always been so polite and professional. Then, you shipped me the very bests boots I've ever seen. Wow! Thank you!

Hello, I just received my boots in the mail!!! They look great! And the size 14 fits very well with my 13w foot. I was a little worried about the length of the size of the 14, but walking around the fire station for a few minutes with them on and it appears to not be a problem at all. Thank you again so much! Jim. D

Da Bomb! Love em!

Shipping was a bit costly, but that couldn' t be helped, especially going into the UK. My new TK Boots are comfortable, super well constructed and hands down the best I and my garrison mates have ever seen! Cheers! Malcolm

I was tired of waiting for your new boots and like many, I purchased a more expensive pair elsewhere. They were terrible. Your boots put the other boots to shame and I'll only be wearing 'TK Boots' from now on. You guys rock! Carlos

Best, best, best! What more needs to be said. I've seen the boots from a few different suppliers and they simply don't compare. Your new boots are so well constructed and just flat out gorgeous! Great work, thank you!

I've been using a cheap pair of boots from Mexico and they were completely trash. Your  new boots are stunning! The seams were flawless, the leather was beautiful with correct coloring and the soles were super heavy duty. I'm so happy! Thank you. Kelvin

Alright, I waited, waited and waited and all I say it these amazing boots were worth the wait! They're absolutely amazing. Thank you so much TK Boots! Jason

I was a bit frustrated by the wait as I knew TK Boots was changing shops, so I picked up a pair from another site. They were absolute crap! I should have expected it, but I really had my hopes up. What a let down. I bought a pair of authentic TK Boots which they said were less-than-perfect and they were amazing. The leather was beautiful and the stitching was extremely high quality. If this is less-than-perfect, I can only imagine what their A-grade boots must be. And yes, I'm on the list for the next run. Thanks you guys for taking care of the 501st and actually caring about quality without ripping off fans.

I ordered a pair of boots from another place.  They arrived and I was excited but when I examined them, they're junk. The leather was thin, the lining was low quality, I was so disappointed. The pair I received from TK Boots, although they told me the boots were less than perfect, were absolutely incredible! Just beautiful! I think TK Boots sets their standards to an almost unreasonable level of quality, honestly, their boots were beautiful and very, very comfortable. Thank you so much!

Ordered my TK Boots, and after a couple of quickly responded emails, where immediately despatched.  They were easily trackable through the delivery system, and arrived in the UK within 14 days.  The boots are quality made, comfortable and will well adorn any stormtrooper costume. Thanks TK Boots for a quick, smooth transaction.


My old boots went to Good Will, I never want to see them again. Praise for TK Boots! These are incredible!

We just received our boots after placing the order only three days ago and we're all blown away! My wife and I love them! She was wearing her pair shopping and some stranger complimented her! No kidding! Even non-TK's like them!

Lighting fast shipping, accurate photos and descriptions, top notch quality, finally an honest supplier of boots.

WOOHOO! The 501st finally has a quality boot supplier. There is so much trash coming in from Mexico and Asia, it's wonderful to see someone actually took the time to make proper TK footwear. KUDOS!!!

Fantastic, simply and overly fantastic! I've actually been wearing my new boots during the day to help them broken in for the upcoming convention season. I don't want to take them off!  Karl

OMG! I don't what to say except for thank you, truly! I love my new boots!

The 501st owes you big time! Never have a seen and worn a more perfect boot. The craftsmen ship is top notch, the design is beautiful. Thank you so much for making these! Dan

Simply amazing! I've never seen such high quality boots and the price is fantastic! Rob

I had boots from another maker and they were terrible. These simply blow them way! My old boots went in the trash this morning.

WOW! These are the finest boots I've ever seen. Our 501st garrison loves them!

The TK boots are perfect.  The fit is true to size.  I find them to be average width.  Wore them for about 12 hours between the Halloween weekend events - I think they have loosened up as they broke in.  Thanks again.

Boots came in on Thursday, but I could not try them on until today.  Fit nice, look nice.  Thanks so much. Shelley

Thanks so much, I love the boots.  You have no idea how hard it was for me to find proper TK boots in my size, and for such a great price!  Everyone is raving about your boots.  Thanks for providing such great service to the TK community! Terry

Hey got the pair of 9 I ordered and they are great. Jay

The boots came today and they are superb. 11 fits perfectly.
Thanks so much. Eugene

Just wanted to email you and give you a big thank you for the boots! They are wonderful and quite comfy. I hope I'm not the only one that thinks this but you have saved everyone time and money. 

Keep up the awesome work!

Got the boots yesterday! Thanks for the quick shipping! Amber

Just wanting to let you know I got the boots in today!!! They look great and seem to fit alright... I see what you mean by tiny, tiny, tiny bit narrow... however I spoke to my step-dad, he wears a lot of boots... He says that most boots are typically fit narrow towards the front-side and front-top of the boots. THANKS A MILLION!!! Justin

Hi, I received my boots this afternoon; they're excellent.  Thanks very much.  I'll make sure to leave a good review on the whitearmor boards!  Spaki

Holy crap man, you shipped those boots INSANELY fast! I just got them today... they're great! Thank you so much.


Got them! I'm really impressed with these, and a EXACT fit. Man this was one of the best investments I've ever made in a costume. I will pass on the good review to my fellow troopers...thanks!

 Have a good one,

These boots are AWESOME! They arrived this afternoon via USPS in Spartanburg, SC. I have been through 3 pair of boots and these are by far the best yet. Comfortable and roomy enough and I have

a wide foot. I think if I went with a 9 they'd be too small. Thanks again.

Just so you know boots arrived this morning!!! The boots are awesome and I will definitely be ordering more when you do another run! Thanks, Gary

Boots have arrived safe and well. Thanks for the excellent service.
Regards, Ashley

I just wanted to let you know that I received the boots and they fit great. Thank you again. Ken

I just wanted to tell you that the boots arrived and they are in a perfect condition. Thank you so so much! :)
Sincerely, Martin

Hi There!
I got my boots from you today.
And i must say i LOVE!!! them, i give them a BIG!!! A+

I received the boots today.  Just wanted to say that they are outstanding!  Thanks for the prompt shipping.
Regards, Will

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